An influencer is someone who has an established credibility on social media with an authentic following. All influencers have a specific genre in which they are most experienced in such fashion, beauty and even motherhood. Influencers regularly interact with their followers and are known to share information about products and brands that come from actual experiences with the brand. Influencers increase brand equity as they speak directly to consumers which means that they are, most often, a trusted source for brand collaborations and campaigns.

A brand collaboration is a paid or unpaid opportunity to collaborate on a campaign with a brand. This could entail being a brand ambassador, sharing a review of products from a brand or even having an experience with the brand (such as attending events or travelling).

A proposal is a document that we put together to send to brands that our influencers want to work with. This is made up of a selection of influencers who would work for the proposed campaign, what we can do for the brand, our desired outcome for the campaign and the costs needed to run it.

A rate card is a document that we put together to help brands know exactly how much a specific collaboration with cost with the influencer of their choice. Each influencer gets their own rate card which will be sent to brands for potential collaborations and campaigns. Prices are calculated according to followers and interaction rates which are checked weekly.

A trade exchange is an agreement between the influencer and brand where influencers are paid in products or experiences in exchange for posts on their social media or blog. Trade exchanges are also used to help build up a brand or influencer profile and allow both parties to gain from the collaboration.

Our media list is a selected list of influencers and brands that we work with. All influencers on our list go through a vetting process where we check followers, insights and interaction rates on a regular basis. This ensures that everyone on our media list has an authentic following and allows everyone to have a fair chance for collaboration and campaigns.

Social Star is an influencer marketing agency and exists to connect brands with up-and-coming, South African social media influencers. We work to connect influencers and brands for specific campaigns and collaborations. We have a team of creatives and offer services in content creation, focused strategy, brand collaborations and full-scale social media campaigns. Our portfolio of macro and micro influencers has been carefully curated to ensure authentic followings, quality feeds and unique personalities.

Sourcing requests are made between stores and influencers where clothing and other items are booked for shoots or campaigns. We have a strict protocol with all sourcing requests and require information such as physical addresses, Identification Numbers and contact numbers. Influencers are required to abide by all rules stipulated in requests and will be charged a penalty if items are returned late or damaged.

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Code of Conduct:

  • If you do not respond to a collaboration offer within 4 working days, the offer will be rescinded.
  • Communication must be conducted via email (unless other arrangements have been made) and always during our working hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm).
  • Any disputes with Social Star must be handled directly through your contact at Social Star - any defamatory public statements will terminate your relationship with Social Star and legal action will be taken.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to homophobic, religious, racist, sexist and other prejudicial content. We will terminate the relationship with any influencer that engages in any form of hate speech or online harassment.
  • Paid followers are strictly prohibited. We will conduct regular audits to ensure your following is authentic.

Content Creation Rules:

  • Photoshoots will need to be booked 48 hours in advance.
  • Content will be shared with influencers 10-14 days after the shoot - this may vary depending on the brand and campaign.
  • If anything has been sourced/lent to you for the duration of a shoot, it must be returned by the stipulated date - there will be a penalty fee of R300 per day for late items. In addition, influencers are required to respect the rules of the establishment that has provided the items to them.
  • Content created by Social Star is the property of Social Star and we reserve all rights of distribution.
  • Social Star must be tagged in all content shared on influencer social media pages/websites/blogs etc.
  • Need to stipulate when posts are sponsored